Air Supply Cleaning

Our Air Supply Cleaning Service

An unclean air duct can cause various problems for business owners so hiring a professional air supply cleaning company is essential. We do not make claims to convince the customers about our professionalism level. Our work level is good enough to prove it. All our work related to air duct cleaning is standardised organisation. Our services comply with the BS EN 15780:2011ventilation for buildings standard. Thus, you expect us to deliver the finest quality under all conditions.


Methods Used

As a highly professional air supply cleaning company, we use the following recommended methods.

Air Sweep

Through the air sweep methods, the contaminants in the duct are cleaned without any diffculty. Our expert team uses a powerful vacuum so that your air duct can be made free of contaminants and the air can be purified. Air sweep is one of the best and most productive methods of cleaning the air duct. Through the air sweep process, the contaminated air that is present in the duct is extracted through the diffuser. As a result, the dust particles that are left in the vacuum are extracted through the vacuum unit through a filteration process. The state of the art duct cleaning professionals who work for us use this method at regular intervals to ensure that your duct pipe is never blocked and that there are no issues related to ventilliation.

Legionella cleaning procedure

Legionella control is absolutely essential when you have duct pipes being used. Legionella is a serious medical problem which attacks people due to the viruses that are borne in both hot and cold water. This health problem is usually created when the pipes are not cleaned for a long span of time. As a result of this infection, you can get seriosuly ill and face medical problems including, muscular pains, lung disorders and other related issues which can even prove to be fatal.

We have the finest team of cleaning experts who can eliminate legionella germs from your duct pipes completely. Apart from that , these germs are also created in water tanks and people mostly do not even perform a check for this purpose. Our experienced cleaning professionals use various methods to get rid of legionella germs.

  1. As our team works in an organised manner, we initially test the water which helps us in determining the intesnity of contamination. A comprehensive risk assessment is performed to provide us with a clear snapshot of the water tank condition. The risk assessment also gives an idea of the elimination techniques that would have to be used.
  2. One of the methods for legionella control involves the use of chlorine dioxide. This gas is inserted by our experts from a point of contact so that it can prevent the bacteria from being created in the first place.

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Extractor fan replacement and duct repair

Our experienced team can gauge the condition of your extractor fan and determine whether the need of a replacement is there or not. Along with that, they provide suggestions about the fan types which would prove to be most suitable for you.

  1. After a certain span if time, extractor fans need to be replaced. Through our experienced team, you can determine the condition of your fan and get a replacement done in a timely manner.
  2. The leakage of grease is very common causing problems related to the air flow in the kitchen. However, with our outstanding services, this problem is entertained in the correct way. We examine each of your duct pipes and ensure that there is no leakage of grease. If your duct needs to be repaired in any manner, our team would help you with this. On each visit that we make, we do check the duct condition so that the repair work can be done in a timely manner. This also prevents large scale damages.

Filter clean and replacement

Do you know that the chances of a fire incident depends a lot on the condition which your filter is in? To minimise the chances of a fire incident in your kitchen, you need to make sure that your filter is working properly and is replaced in a timely manner.

  1. Our experienced cleaning professionals examine your air filter in a proper manner. Through this checking procedure, we get a clear feel of whether your filter requires replacement or not. If you are living in Scotland, Glasgow or any of the surrounding areas, you can get an examination done by our experts.
  2. There are a variety of filters that we offer to our customers. This helps customers in making a selection according to their suitability. For instance, you can make a selection from steel filters, washable filters and filters that can be disposed after one time use.